University Clinic

The construction of the clinic began in December 2016, and in just half a year we had a modern medical facility that was almost ready for commissioning. Head of the process of its construction, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Head of the Department of General Dentistry, MD, Professor Leonid Dmitrievich Chulak is now Director of the University Dental Clinic.

The University Dental Clinic is the most powerful training base for future dentists of International Humanitarian University . Students of the Odessa Medical Institute under the guidance of experienced dentists master and improve their professional skills. The total area of the ultra-modern clinic is more than 1,000 square meters, of which about 500 square meters are reserved for classrooms. The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment from leading foreign producers. Thirteen educational and clinical rooms are provided with the most up-to-date dental equipment, comfortable chairs and a drills with a touch-on light. In dental prosthetics offices, too, everything is the most progressive: a furnace for firing ceramics produced by Liechtenstein, a sandblasting machine for polishing metal, even a device for filtering water and removing particles of gypsum. Modern dental technology has artists and jewelers level. The computer diagnostics room is equipped with a modern South Korean-made computer tomograph, the only one of its kind in Odessa. In a fraction of a minute, the testimony from him goes to the computers in the doctors’ offices. With the help of this miracle of technology, doctors receive panoramic photographs, as well as carry out computed tomography and teleroentgenography.